Russia will create a replacement for YouTube specifically for the media

Roskomnadzor called on Russian tech companies to create a domestic YouTube replacement specifically for

MASS MEDIA. The agency claims that video hosting Google has a "targeted censoring policy" in relation to Russian media.

Roskomnadzor reported in its notification thatYouTube has banned the creation of channels for the Russian media ANNA NEWS (Analytical Network News Agency). The agency sent a letter to Google demanding to resume access to the news agency's YouTube channels.

Roskomnadzor believes that censorship againstRussian media is unacceptable. The department also said that the Russian media need to maintain their channels on domestic video hosting sites. Roskomnadzor asked the country's leading Internet companies to help create such services.

Roskomnadzor recently demanded that YouTube return Vladimir Solovyov to the "Trending" tab.