Russia wants to change anti-piracy legislation

According to the Director General of the Association “Internet Video” Alexei Bardin, in 2020 the number of visits to

pirated sites decreased by 40% - from 440-480million per month to 250-300, compared to 2018. The number of unique visitors to resources with illegal content decreased by 46% - from 130-140 million users a month to 70 million.

At the same time, legal sites recorded an increase in audience: the number of visits per month increased by 16%, and the number of unique users - by 30%.

Bardin noted that over the past year and a halfof the memorandum’s work, more than 4.2 million links to pages with illegal content were entered into the registry; all of them were removed from search results or from video hosting sites.

However, the deputy head of the DirectorateIrina Savchenko, Channel One’s webcast, emphasized that the memorandum does not solve all the problems of copyright holders: it cannot be used to delete entire pirated domains or live broadcasts.

The law will allow not only to scale, but alsoto fix a working mechanism in practice, that is, after the adoption of the law, each copyright holder will have a convenient mechanism in their hands to prevent losses from piracy.

Boris Omelnitsky, Director for Strategic Market Development, Commercial Department, Yandex.

Recall that the Anti-Piracy Memorandum has been in force in Russia since November 2018.

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