In September, a dangerous asteroid will fly near the Earth. The minimum distance will be less than to the moon

NASA discovered an asteroid that in September 2020 flies past Earth at a closer

distance than the moon. According to researchers, the diameter of the asteroid ES4 is about 22-49 meters. It will fly past Earth at a speed of 18,253 miles per hour, which roughly corresponds to the standard speed of an asteroid.

NASA noted that the proximity of a celestial body to Earth is "potentially dangerous." However, scientists did not put it on the list of dangerous because of the small diameter of the asteroid.

The satellite of the asteroid Didim was given the name Dimorph, two years later a probe will crash into it

According to the database, an asteroid will pass by the EarthSeptember 1 at 10:49 a.m. EST. ES4 will fly at a distance of 0,00048 astronomical units, or about 44,618 miles. The distance to the Earth is much closer than to the Moon, which is at a distance of about 238,855 miles. Scientists have not seen the asteroid since March 2011, so they hope to get an idea of ​​its journey in September 2020.

In total, NASA listed 12 asteroids that should fly past Earth by the end of July. All of them fly an unsafe distance from the planet.

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