Photos of components from AirPower were leaked to the network

Apple is known to have ditched its AirPower wireless charger in May 2019 after

of how I could not develop a device into Apple standards, presumably due to overheating and reliability issues. It was a big failure for the corporation, since the company had never canceled a device that had already been announced on the world stage.

AirPower Photos

Nevertheless, rumors continue to circulate on the Web aboutthe fact that the apple company still plans to launch this accessory, which has been revised. For example, liquor Mr. White (@laobaiTD), who has shared leaked photos of components and details of Apple's plans in the past, today tweeted a few photos that he claims show AirPower components.

Photos show the charging mata form similar to AirPower, with multiple wireless charging coils inside and a board loaded with chips that will serve as the brain of the device.

Apple has developed a wireless charging matAirPower so that it can charge your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch by placing your devices anywhere. Presumably due to overlapping charging options, problems arose in the development of AirPower, but other wireless chargers on the market also use the multi-coil technique.

We do not know if these photos are reallydepicts the new AirPower, as there is nothing in the design that would specifically link it to Apple. The photos were originally sourced from the Chinese video site BiliBili, and Mr. White also shared the original video, which features several other views of the device in question.

While working on the original AirPower devicewas and canceled, rumors circulated from reliable sources that some kind of wireless charger was still preparing to launch. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in January that Apple is working on a "small wireless charging mat" that may debut at some point in 2020.