Anti-drone radar testing began in the US

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will evaluate multiple drone detection systems

aircraft for airports. The agency will test at least 10 technologies and systems designed not only to detect drones, but also to reduce their potential risks. Tests will begin in 2021 as part of the agency's research program to detect and mitigate the impact of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The first tests will take place at the technical centerFAA, located next to New Jersey's Atlantic City International Airport. The agency will then expand its trials to four more airports in the United States. The FAA is asking interested companies that are working on drone detection systems to submit their technology within 45 days.

“Since the number of unmanned aerial vehiclesaircraft in airspace continues to grow, it is not surprising that the availability of counter-unmanned aerial vehicle technologies has also increased. We need to test these systems and start using them at airports and other strategic locations. ”


The agency has been testingtechnology, however they did not apply any of the methods. However, the FAA's 2018 Re-Authorization Act has now forced the agency to ensure that drone detection technologies do not interfere with the safe operation of airports.

Earlier it became known that the scientists of TomskPolytechnic University (TPU) will develop by 2022 learning algorithms for artificial intelligence, which is used in unmanned vehicles, including vehicles. The developer noted that such algorithms already exist, but they are the intellectual property of companies. At the same time, the TPU product will be made on the universal platform Unity, the developers plan to make it publicly available.

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