In the USA, the Russian frigate of Project 1155 was called "armed to the teeth"

The American edition of the National Interest called the Russian frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov of Project 1155 "armed until

teeth ". It is equipped, among other things, with the Kalibr-NK and Uranus missile systems.

Recently it became known that the frigate MarshalShaposhnikov "Soviet-made armed with the above cruise missiles and sent to sea trials in the Sea of ​​Japan. It was this news that National Interest commented on.

It is assumed that the improved ship will also be able to use the Zircon hypersonic missiles. The American edition noted that "Marshal Shaposhnikov" has already shown itself as a combat-ready ship.

The journalists added that the missile range for the Kalibr-NK and Uranus complexes reaches 1500-2500 kilometers.

It is worth noting that Marshal Shaposhnikov is not the only Project 1155 ship that is planned to be updated.