In Ukraine, you can now pay for purchases on the Internet through Google Pay

From today, Ukrainians can pay for their purchases on the Internet using the Google Pay payment system.

What is known

Thanks to Google's collaboration with Wayforpay andPortmone, now almost 6,500 online stores have connected this service. Popular sites include the online store Allo and Intertop, the ticket purchasing service Karabas, and the pizzeria Dominos. In the future, the list of partners will expand. Also, in the near future, Uklon and other companies will integrate the payment service into their applications.

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Google Pay button

Thus, it will be easier to buy goods and pay for services, because you do not need to fill out a payment form every time. All information will automatically pull up from your Google account.

How it works

Everything is very simple. To do this, just find on the website or in the application the button “Pay via G Pay”. Next - select a card and confirm the payment. How this process looks like can be seen in the video below: