In macOS 10.14, dark mode may finally appear

Apple seems to be finally adding dark mode to the macOS operating system. March WebKit Update Indicates

that the company is working on dark mode for macOS 10.14. WebKit is used by the Safari browser for iOS and macOS.

Apple added dark mode to macOS Yosemite in2014, but it was unfinished. A dark mode for programs was found in Sierra, but Apple hasn’t released it publicly. Now, in macOS 10.14, the company can finally introduce a full dark mode.



New code released in March points tothat in macOS 10.14 a dark mode will appear. The code is designed to adapt the website rendering based on its appearance. macOS will be able to change the appearance of the interface elements depending on the system settings.

It is possible that this time Apple will decide not to release the dark mode in public, if it is not fully ready.

Many users have long asked to add darkmode on macOS and iOS, and Apple has been working on it for some time. Perhaps the company had some problems with the technology, and therefore it does not release the regime in public.