Biometric identification has been added to Messenger. This will make the correspondence secure.

Facebook has confirmed that they started testing Messenger blocking in early 2020. The social network is sure that

this function will allow users to transmitphones or tablets to friends or family without worrying about the security of your correspondence. A year ago, Facebook also introduced biometric unlocking for WhatsApp.

App Lock will be compatible with anyprivacy settings offered by the device itself. For example, iPhone 5S - iPhone 8 can enable fingerprint lock, while iPhone X and later can enable Face ID. App Lock will also be compatible with the standard password - users will be able to protect Messenger with a PIN.

To activate a new function, you need to go toSee the privacy section, then turn on App Lock by selecting the option you want. You can activate App Lock after exiting Messenger, after one minute, 15 minutes, or an hour.

Facebook is also working on several newprivacy-focused Messenger features. One of them allows you to control who can send messages or call users. Another feature will automatically blur images that are sent from unknown accounts.

In 2021, the social network will implement end-to-end encryption of messages inside Messenger. For now, users have to create special secret chats for this.

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