Safari on iOS 9 simplified the transition to the desktop version of the site

Mobile versions of sites are created for speed and better viewing on small screens of phones. But

sometimes, navigation of mobile versions of sitesso inconvenient that we want to use the regular version of the site. Safari iOS 9 has a very convenient feature, switching to the full version of any site. If you have not registered with the public beta testing program and have not installed iOS 9, then this is quite simple. Despite the fact that Safari in iOS 9 does not have any major changes, the transition to the full version of the site has become much easier.
Previously, in iOS 8, Safari users had to take a series of actions to access the “Full version of the site“. It was necessary to click on the URL field, then pull down so that a hidden menu appears, and then click “Full version of the site“.

Now with iOS 9 firmware all you have to do is click and hold the update icon in the input field of the website address and click the “Full version of the site“.



In addition, you can also click on the Share button, scroll to the right and click “Full version of the site ”.