Drone Master Killjoy will be added to Valorant, possibly infuriating players (updated)

Riot rushed in and announced a new hero for Valorant ahead of time. The developers noticed a "leak"

and deleted the post, but Twitter user floxay (via PC Gamer) managed to save the skill description and demo video.

Meet Killjoy

Killjoy relies not only on weapons, but also on drones with various effects. Some bots do damage, while others are able to freeze players, which may not please everyone.

  • Alarmbot - pounces on the one who appeared inthe radius of the enemy and explodes on contact with him. The explosion is not enough to kill the enemy immediately, but it is enough for the player to be able to finish off the enemy with one additional body shot from the pistol.
  • Turret is a turret that attacks opponents within a 180-degree range. Serves not so much for attack as for holding territory.

  • Nanoswarm is a grenade that becomes invisible after landing. When triggered, unleashes a swarm of nanorobots, dealing damage in a radius.
  • Lockdown is the ultimate ability. Killjoy sets up a drone that delays enemies within range for eight seconds. As soon as the effect disappears, opponents move slowly for a while.

Killjoy will appear in the game with the beginning of the second act, the release date of which is still unknown. It won't be long, though, with the Season 1 Battle Pass running until August 4th.

Updated: Riot has officially unveiled the character with a gameplay trailer.

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