Gazprom-Media and MaximaTelecom will receive data on purchases of Russians

"Quant" has agreed on an exclusive partnership with operators of fiscal data (OFD) "Platform OFD",

Taxcom and First OFD. Together, the three operators occupy 60% of the market in the country.

OFD will supply "Quant" with impersonal data on purchases of Russians. The contract does not prohibit operators from cooperating with contractors for other types of services - for example, providing reports to retailers.

The supply of impersonal data on Russians' offline purchases should improve the accuracy of online advertising, as well as allow analysis of sales before and after an advertising campaign, representatives of the OFD say.

Anonymized data provides averaged information aboutpurchases of certain brands or product categories, allow you to calculate the conversion from viewing advertising to purchase, they are already used for reports on retail sales and analysis of advertising campaigns on TV.

In addition, since last year, the joint venture between Gazprom-Media and MaximaTelecom has been receiving data on offline user behavior collected by Evotor's DMP.

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