GWENT will receive the Witcher's Way add-on: 70 new cards and a new Adrenaline mechanic await players

In the new GWENT season, the developers introduced gamers to the creator of the witchers Alzur. Now CD Projekt

preparing to show "The Way of the Witcher".

New add-on for "GWENT"

In the upcoming addition, the developers will add 70 new maps that relate to various witcher schools. A total of 10 cards for each faction, and the same number of neutral cards.

"To repel the monsters roaming the world,people desperately needed new weapons. And then the brilliant sorcerer Alzur created the witchers. These professional killers of monsters possessed unrivaled strength, speed and agility. "

Together with a dozen maps, a new one will be added to Gwentmechanics - "Adrenaline". According to the developers, the ability is triggered when the player has a specific number of cards. For example, if a player has only two cards left in his hand, then Kolgrim receives a buff equal to the difference in the number of cards in the hands of both players.

The Witcher's Way will launch on Gwent on PC, iOS and Android on December 8th. Players can already buy sets with additional cards.

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Alzur pre-order set for $ 50:

  • 25 premium barrels of the Witcher's Way add-on,
  • Alzur laboratory field (available in the game immediately after purchase),
  • premium neutral card "Alzur" from the new add-on (available in the game immediately after purchase).

$ 15 Miracles Pre-Order Pack:

  • transforming shirt "The Witcher's Way" (available in the game immediately after purchase),
  • 10 levels in the journey of Alzur.

$ 55 Pre-order Double Pack:

  • the contents of the sets "Alzur" and "Miracles",
  • additional title "The Witcher" (available in the game immediately after purchase).

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