Godfall PlayStation 5 Gameplay: Looter-Slasher with Hard Combat and No Microtransactions

At the last PlayStation State of Play, the developers from Counterplay Games showed the full gameplay of Godfall.

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The developers describe Godfall as"Loot slasher" with a constant race for weapons and power, as well as a complex combat system. Gamers will be able to fight with the help of double blades, a double-sided hammer, a spear, as well as a two-handed or one-handed sword. In addition, as you progress through the player will be able to find various sets of armor with their own characteristics.

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Stabbing and cutting differ not only in speedattacks, but also techniques. The same double blades are distinguished by the Inner Focus skill - having accumulated enough charge, the player increases the damage done for a short time. There is also a Mortal Coil, when a warrior throws a sword with a chain at the enemy and pulls him towards him. "Get over here" is not heard, but let's see what will be in the release version.

The player will also always have access to a shield, whichyou can block blows or attack. This is where timings come into play. If you defend against an attack in time, the blow is parried, and by pressing the shield button at the right time after the blow, the player can activate a combo.

The developers do not hide that they are doing some kind of game-service, but they note that there will be no microtransactions. Godfall will be out on PlayStation 5 and PC in the 2020 winter season.

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