Germany bans disposable plastic straws, appliances and utensils

Germany has banned the sale of disposable plastic straws, food containers and appliances. This

The initiative is linked to a European Union (EU) directive aimed at reducing the amount of plastic that pollutes the environment.

The authorities demanded to stop the sale of plasticitems including plates, stirring sticks and balloon holders from July 3, 2021. In the event that the authorities discover illegal production, they will impose a fine on the company in the amount of 100 thousand euros.

Environment Minister Svenia Schulze saidthat this is an important step towards avoiding plastic. She added that up to 20% of the garbage that collects in parks and public places is single-use plastic, "it is easy to replace it with reusable dishes or utensils." In this case, plastic decomposes for decades, and microscopic particles get inside fish, birds and other animals.

New nano-sponges convert carbon dioxide into fuel and decompose plastic

Earlier, the German government developed a planrefusal of plastic - it consists of five points. One of the most important requirements is the prohibition of plastic goods that cannot be recycled and reused. First of all, we are talking about disposable plastic dishes, bottles and tubes.

At the same time, the authorities have already banned the packaging of goodsin plastic bags and sell plastic bottles. The ministry of the environment said that companies that use recyclable and environmentally friendly material in their products will receive additional bonuses from the government.

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