Voice chats for groups appeared in the beta version of Telegram for Android

The new feature is currently only available in the beta version of the application and only for Android users. When update

coming to iOS for iPhone, not reported.

The update allows you to create a voice chat inpublic group. How many people can participate in a conversation depends on the group settings. Telegram provides the ability to connect to the voice chat for all participants and administrators.

The current version of Telegram Beta can be downloaded from the tgfiles Telegram channel. An updated version of the application 7.3.0 (21639) is already available - the launch took place on the morning of November 30.

Voice messages in the Telegram messengerappeared at the beginning of 2014. Since then, the attitude towards them in the digital environment has been ambiguous. Some users are attracted by the convenience of sending messages without having to type. However, some digital etiquette experts believe that sending voices is not always appropriate.

Recall that in the "Advanced Settings" Telegram, the user can enable the automatic update function of the application, even of its beta versions.

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