Data on doctors from the "red zone" will be collected in one information and analytical system

Russia intends to reduce risks for medical staff working in the "red zone" and involved in treatment

patients with coronavirus infection. To this end, new recommendations will be prepared on the schedule of doctors. The terms of reference for the development of a special system, which will reflect information about the work and rest of medical personnel in a pandemic, was prepared by the Federal Medical and Biological Agency (FMBA).

The customer was FMBA. 4 million rubles will be spent on the database.

The contractor must establish an information system formid-December 2020. It will contain data of employees who work in the "red zone": age, the presence of chronic diseases, bad habits, functional responsibilities at work and other information.

The purpose of creating a system is to analyze the factors thatinfluencing the work of doctors and nurses, and to develop recommendations similar to those that operate in hazardous industries, FMBA told Izvestia.

The new system will monitor the work and rest hours of employees, the quality of disinfection of premises, and the availability of personal protective equipment for physicians.

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