Make respring your device more comfortable with Dragspring tweak

One of the best tweaks was PullToRespring, which makes it very easy to respring a device. For a long time

it seemed like nothing like that would happen anymore, but now a new free tweak was released Dragspring.

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Dragspring jailbreak tweak is very similar toPullToRespring - it even works the same way. With a tweak, you can respring by pulling the Settings main screen down. When you drag the screen, you will see the animation - indicator. When the circle is full, release your finger to respring.

Tweak also contains several options that you will find in a separate panel in Settings:

Tweak Dragspring works on all devices with jailbreak iOS 11 and 12. It can be downloaded for free from the ConorTheDev beta repository in Cydia. Here's how to add it:

one) Open the Cydia app and select the tab Sources.

2) Press the button Change, and then To add.

3) Enter the following link:

four) Click Add source and wait while the repository is uploaded to Cydia.

five) Now find the tweak and install it from Cydia.