Manta jailbreak tweak will add a convenient lock screen to your iPhone

What the iOS operating system has always lacked is a convenient advanced lock screen with

notifications, weather information, other widgets and date with time.

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A compromise on the part of Apple can be called the Today page with widgets, but this is far from convenient. Fortunately, the new jailbreak tweak Manta can add a truly convenient lock screen to your device.

Tweak combines all the important elements on the lock screen of your device. It displays date and time, news about upcoming events and weather information. New notifications appear on the screen.

After installing the tweak in the Settings, a new section will appear with its options. There is also a respring button for applying changes.

Tweaks can be downloaded from the Packix repository in Cydia or Sileo. It works on all devices with iOS 12 jailbreak.