Jailbreak checkra1n supports Installer tweaks manager

Over the past couple of weeks, talk has not ceased about the upcoming exploit-based checkra1n jailbreak tool

checkm8. It is already known that the tool supports the installation of tweaks in iOS 13, and there is also support for several tweak managers, including Cydia and Zebra.

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Many were happy with Zebra's support along with the classic Cydia app. However, the support of other popular tweak managers like Installer and Sileo was not known until this time.

The head of the project, Luca Todesco, shared a tweet confirming that the checkra1n jailbreak is also supported by the Installer tweak manager.

This will not surprise some, but others will be very happy about this news. It is always good to have a choice between several options.

It is not known whether CoolStar will grant rights toSileo for someone else's jailbreak tool. However, we know that the hacker also works with the checkm8 exploit and for a while forgot about the Sileo tweak manager. Perhaps he will release his own exploit-based jailbreak tool.