The design of the iPhone 2020 will be similar to the iPhone 4

2020 iPhone models will be greatly updated, according to rumors. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that

smartphones will have metal frames, like the iPhone 4.

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Kuo believes that Apple will significantly upgrade the designiPhone next year, using a new metal frame with a more sophisticated design for the smartphone. Such a framework will improve signal reception, which will be a big plus for 5G technology.

New metal frames will be much more complicatedthan the frames of the iPhone X / XS and iPhone 11 Pro stainless steel. Because of this, the cost of their production will increase by 20-35%. The analyst also believes that Apple uses 2.5D glass for smartphones.

IPhone 2020 display sizes will change, and allThree models will be OLED displays. The smallest model will have a 5.42-inch display, while the other two will have 6.06 and 6.67-inch displays. Apple will add 5G support to the new smartphones and will purchase modems from Qualcomm. The company is working on its own modem, but it will be ready only by 2022. Kuo thinks that at first the company uses it on the Apple Watch and other devices, and only then on the iPhone.

Obviously, the design of the iPhone 2020 will change dramatically. In addition, the design of smartphones has not changed much since 2017. The new iPhone design will be necessary for Apple in 2020.