Unc0ver 2.0 public jailbreak available

Pwn20wnd has released unc0ver v2.0.2 jailbreak in public. Version v2.0.2 was available for download earlier, but it was

beta version. After fixing all the bugs found and adding improvements, Pwn20wnd decided to release unc0ver 2.0 publicly.

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unc0ver is a semi-tethered jailbreak for iOS 11.0 - iOS 11.4 beta 3. A semi-tied jailbreak needs to be reinstalled through the application after each reboot of the iPhone and iPad. If you already have a previous version of unc0ver installed, you can install the update and enjoy the new features. Recall that the first version of the tool was released in October this year.

Unc0ver version 2.0 contains many new features, including support for Cydia Substrate, an updated bootstrap, a special button for rebooting Springboard, a switch for quickly reinstalling Cydia and OpenSSH, the ability to update jailbreak components “over the air”, quick rebooting of the system, optimizing power consumption, etc. In addition, The tool contains an updated version of Cydia for iOS 11.

Compared to unc0ver 2.0.2 beta, the public version is faster and more stable.

If you used the Electra jailbreak, then that's itEqually, you can install unc0ver. The tool contains the necessary scripts to clean the system files, but all your tweaks will be deleted during the reinstallation.

  • You can download unc0ver 2.0 jailbreak from here.