Available demo vulnerability "0day" in iOS 13 beta 1

Apple only yesterday released the first beta version of iOS 13 for developers, and talented hackers and developers already

find ways to crack the system.

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The iBSparkes developer shared a tweet in which he demonstrated the 0day vulnerability he discovered for the new version of the system:

The hacker showed that the device is running iOS 13,turning on the Dark mode through Settings. He then launched an unknown application that crashed SpringBoard. To find such a vulnerability just a couple of hours after the update is a big achievement.

It is not known whether a hacker will release a vulnerabilitypublicly, and whether he will help in the further development of the jailbreak. Apple is sure to fix the vulnerability for the final release of iOS 13 in the fall. However, so far the company has not been informed of the details.

Apple strives to make iOS system safer withevery update, but that doesn’t mean that iOS 13 is impossible to crack. Surely after a few weeks or months, some specialists will be able to jailbreak a new version of the system. And after some time, the jailbreak will be available publicly.