Dead Space Spirit Alive: Desolation Expansion Announcement for No Man's Sky

Hello Games announced a new free add-on for No Man's Sky, in which players will be sent to explore

abandoned space ships.

Dead Space spirit alive

Desolation is a content add-on thatwill add to No Man's Sky exploration of abandoned space cargo ships. Each ship is randomly created, so it will have a different interior and missions. In addition, the developers wrote several different stories for the ships.

By exploring abandoned ships, players will be able to find out the background of what is happening, as well as get resources for their own ship.

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Nevertheless, it will not be possible to wander calmly, sinceships are captured by unknown monsters. In addition, the protective artificial intelligence that should guard the peace of the crew is no longer so friendly.

To make the players more enjoyablebattles, Hello Games decided to finalize the shooting. With the Desolation update, there will be changes to the balance of weapons that will make battles more engaging. The patch will also improve the lighting by a couple of highlights and additional effects.

Source: Hello Games

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