Samsung's European flagships are more prone to overheating than American flagships

Blogger Zach Nelson, known on the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, opened two versions of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra - the American and

European. He found that smartphones received different cooling systems, compared them in terms of performance and operating temperature. As a result, the European version of Note20 Ultra with branded Exynos turned out to be more prone to overheating, and, apparently, it does not depend on the cooling system, but on the processor.

European version of Galaxy Note20 Ultra withthe Exynos 990 processor, as it turned out, received a cooling system based on a copper evaporation chamber. But the American smartphone with the Snapdragon 865 Plus processor has a new graphite substrate.

First of all, Zak tested two smartphones inbenchmark. The Snapdragon version was, as expected, faster. The blogger also measured the temperature of smartphones. The device with the Exynos 990 was hot, and in the area of ​​the processor.

Then Zach changed the cooling systems in twoGalaxy Note20 Ultra in places. This did not have a serious effect on a smartphone with Exynos. The graphite substrate does not solve the problems of a device with a proprietary chip. So, it's all about the Exynos 990.

It should be noted that a version with a proprietary Samsung chip is being sold in Russia.