If you don't like earplugs, it’s not easy for you. But now it will be easier - we found great wireless earbuds

We've tested quite a few fully wireless headphones lately. Despite the fact that they are all

were from different price categories and from differentmanufacturers, they were united by one thing - the form factor. For some reason, many manufacturers began to pay attention exclusively to in-ear headphones, forgetting about the good old plug-in "ears". No seriously, optimal wireless in-ear headphones are a problem. But we found such.

Table of contents

  • Specifications
  • Appearance
  • The convenience of use
  • Sound
  • Autonomy
  • Total

I remember now. December last year, I am going to the airport in a hurry for the flight "Moscow - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky". I had a long flight - eight hours. I took my favorite in-ear tws headphones with me and ... I lost the ear pads at the very beginning of the flight. The little silicone traitor instantly flew away somewhere under the seat. And while I was looking for one rubber band, I managed to lose another one. As a result, I was left without music for the entire flight. An offensive situation, which is solved by buying ordinary in-ear headphones. But I didn't have them with me, alas.

Up to this point, I was skeptical about suchform factor. There is no snug fit to the ear canal, neighbors hear all the drum and cymbal rumbling that you enjoy sitting nearby. Or not? More on this later.