If you sleep in your Apple Watch, it’s best to turn off emergency Auto Call.

Emergency Call - SOS is an extremely useful iOS and watchOS feature that allows you to quickly and easily call

emergency service that can save your life. However, this feature brings inconvenience to those who sleep without removing their Apple Watch.

You may ask, why sleep with a smart watch on your hand?



Well, some owners of Apple Watch use them in order to monitor their physical performance, like a pulse during sleep. Using a watch is very easy to monitor your condition.

Recently, a lot of posts began to appear on Twitter from users who accidentally activate an emergency call through their Apple Watch in a dream.



One user wrote about how by chancestarted an emergency call in a dream by pressing the Digital Crown button. At one in the morning the police broke into his room. Fortunately, everything worked out, because the police are not the first to encounter random calls due to smart watches.

He writes: “If you sleep in your Apple Watch, then it’s better to turn off the Auto Call feature on the Emergency Call - SOS, or three police officers in your bedroom can wake you at one in the morning.”

By default, the Emergency Call function automatically starts a call to emergency services if you press the side button five times in a row.

If you turn off AutoCall, then after five clicks on the side button, you will still need to swipe the screen to start a call.

If you sleep in your watch, it’s better to disable the option Auto call at Settings → Emergency call - SOS.