If you want better photos than a smartphone - 5 best inexpensive mirrorless cameras

Thinking about buying an inexpensive camera? We figured out how things are in the camera market and

selected five optimal models. No soap boxes - only mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses.

No smartphone will give so much joy fromshooting process, how much a full-fledged camera. And even if it will not be some huge contraption with a long lens, but a compact camera, which will not differ in size from cheap "soap boxes" that have sunk into oblivion.

Why these cameras?

So that you do not have to hastily ask inWhen commenting on why this or that camera was not included in the list, you should immediately talk about the criteria by which I selected devices. There are few of them, but still:

1. Mandatory availability of interchangeable optics

Having opened Yandex.On the market, you can find tons of cameras that don't have any mounts or interchangeable lenses. Only one non-removable lens with some steep optical zoom performance. And the price of this camera will be such that it will not turn out to call this purchase anything profitable. The camera market is much wider, and it makes no sense to buy a camera where all your creative fantasies will rest on permanent optics. But to deal with all sorts of twists, buttons and lenses is something akin to a small personal victory, after which you will be overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction from the work done.

2. “Smart” functions for wirelessly sending pictures to a smartphone

It's 2020 and don't enjoy the benefitscivilization, given such an opportunity - strange. If you choose a camera, then with support for transferring photos wirelessly. Let's say you need to urgently send someone a good picture or quickly edit it. Carrying a laptop with you for these purposes is not a big idea. Therefore, the presence of Wi-Fi is quite an important point that should not be neglected.

3. Compactness

Another important factor when choosing a camera. If, in addition to the complete lens, you acquire a couple of other "glasses", then get ready for the fact that there will be less space in your backpack, and your back will have to get used to being overweight. So the size of the camera is also worth considering. Less is better. Mirrorless? Exactly what is needed.

What's with the prices?

The upper price ceiling in this selection is 40,000rubles. Not quite budget, but do not forget what troubles the ruble has gone through lately. Five or six years ago, you could snatch a good "carcass" (a camera without a lens included) for the same money, for which now you can buy only a modest mirrorless camera with entry-level characteristics. But with a full "minced meat" from the connection types and all sorts of "smart" enhancers that have moved here straight from smartphones. Needless to say, for the modern user who is accustomed to "push the button and do it nicely" this is manna from heaven?