Seven: The Days Long Gone Sci-Fi RPG Giveaway Launched

A new promotion has been launched in the Humble bundle online store, which implies a free distribution of an improved

версии научно-фантастической ролевой игры Seven: The Days Long Gone. Отметим, что воспользоваться выгодным предложением можно лишь в течение сегодняшнего дня.

Seven:The Enhanced Edition is an action-adventure stealth action game about a thief named Teriel, for which players will play. A series of unsuccessful events leads to the fact that the main character becomes a prisoner, going to serve his sentence on the island of Pe, which he tried in every possible way to avoid. Among other things, a demon appeared in his head, who made it clear to the protagonist that he would not leave the island if he did not do what he was told.

Recall that at normal times the title is sold for 2,197 rubles, while now the service offers to install it completely free of charge. You can do this by clicking on this link.