Museum of skins of the legendary player Winamp has been launched

A museum dedicated to the skins of the legendary media player Winamp has appeared on the Internet. When visiting this museum

Anyone who has caught the era of downloading MP3 music on a PC can shed a tear of nostalgia.

The media write that at the end of 2001 the media playerWinamp has been used by over 60 million people. They were able to personalize the program interface. You could find thousands of skins for this on the Internet.

American developer Jordan Eldrage (JordanEldredge decided to collect these skins and, together with the non-profit organization Internet Archives, launched the Winamp Skin Museum. There are more than 65,000 player design options. You can scroll for a very long time. For a complete immersion, you can open thumbnails of skins and listen to the tracks available on the site.