In the first half of 2020, carbon dioxide emissions fell by a record 8.8%.

Global greenhouse gas emissions fell by about 8.8% in the first half of this year,

which is a record high compared to the 2008 crisis, the 1979 oil shock and World War II.

The biggest reduction in emissions is due tothe land transport sector. Globally, associated emissions have decreased by about 40% thanks to work from home and other measures to combat the epidemic. In comparison, the decline in emissions from industry and energy was 22% and 17%.

Daniel Kammen, one of the study's authors, professor at the University of California at Berkeley in the United States.

The spread of coronavirus infection has lednot only to an overload of health care systems in dozens of countries around the world, but also to a sharp decrease in industrial production, automobile traffic and many other sources of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

The first observations of this decline, whichScientists conducted back this summer, showed that greenhouse gas emissions decreased by about 17% compared to winter and early spring 2019. Scientists expect global CO2 emissions to decline by about 4.4-5.3% over the entire current year.

According to Kammen and his colleagues, this is a recordsignificance in the entire history of mankind, including the fall in the level of industrial production and related emissions, which occurred due to major military conflicts and economic crises.

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