4K / 60 Gaming and Silent Operation: What You Need to Know About Xbox Series X

FerraXbox Series X Rating After a string of failures in the last generation of consoles, Microsoft is committed to

catch up - and judging by the changing mood among gamers, they even succeed. But is the new Xbox Series X really that good?

Table of contents

  • Appearance
  • Hardware
  • Gamepad
  • Launching games, operating volume, temperature
  • Games, backward compatibility, dashboard
  • Competitors
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox series s
  • Total

In the last generation of Xbox consoles,lag behind PlayStation from the start. In Russia, the PS4 sales start took place simultaneously with Europe, on November 29, 2013 (two weeks later than in North America), but the Xbox One only reached us on September 7, 2014 - thus, the PS4 had a whole year of head start. The problems were not only in this, of course: poor marketing, vague positioning of the console, lack of communication with the end consumer - all this resulted in an extremely weak start.

The restructuring of the Xbox division began withpersonnel changes - at the helm was put Phil Spencer, who, by the way, came to work at Microsoft back in 1988. Spencer is gaming savvy, loves gaming, and knows what gamers need. Under his leadership, a more powerful (including more powerful than a competitor) console Xbox One X was released, an Xbox Game Pass subscription appeared, which is still widely recognized as the main argument in favor of choosing an Xbox console, deals were made with many game studios ...

In general, Microsoft firmly decided to "recapture" theirplace in the video game market, not forgetting, however, to promote tolerance towards other gaming platforms among fans, which, of course, contrasts sharply with the policy of PlayStation, which decided to create something like an "elite club", and encourages, among other things, a very odious blogger Itpedia, which quite often and very sharply speaks about all platforms other than PlayStation, and about gamers.

The current generation of consoles is Microsoftstarts already earlier than Sony, opening the start of sales on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S on November 10 around the world, while the PlayStation 5 will go on sale in select countries on November 12, and in our country (as well as other, “not selected”) - November 19. By the way, there was information that on November 19 PS5 will be sold only on pre-orders, and you won't be able to come to the store and buy it. We haven't heard of the Xbox Series X yet.

I have already tested the new console from Microsoft, and am ready to share my impressions in this review.


Despite the fact that the overall design of the Xbox Series X, shown back in the first half of 2020, was greeted warmly by the public, there are still several controversial points in it.