Israeli tank capsized during exercise

During the exercise, the Israeli military tried to load a Merkava Mk3 tank onto a trailer, but it capsized. This

the moment got on the video.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta writes that the military has alreadymanaged to return the tank to its tracks using a recovery vehicle. From the photographs that got into the network, it is clear that the combat vehicle was damaged. There is no information about the victims.

During an accident at a training ground, a 70-tonthe tank drove onto the trailer, but did not stop in the right place, but continued moving. Because of this, he hit the limiter, fell over on his left side and fell off the trailer.

Journalists write that the cause of the accident could be a technical malfunction of the Merkava Mk3.

The Merkava tank was designed and manufactured in Israel. The first serial Merkava Mk.1 was manufactured in 1979.