From several Su-57s, they created a single information network for the inconspicuous destruction of Ukrainian air defense

During a special operation in Ukraine, four Su-57 fighters created a single information network for

imperceptible destruction of Ukrainian air defense. The aircraft confirmed the declared stealth. Discuss

The planes were connected into a single information network in order toso as not to use radars that give the enemy even an aircraft with a high level of stealth. During the raid, the Su-57s confirmed their stealth and low radar visibility. Working in this mode, the aircraft receive all the necessary information and target designation from external sources - from reconnaissance aircraft, from somewhere else.

Su-57 aircraft - fighters of the 5th generation,which began to be built in the 2000s. They can use a wide range of both guided and unguided weapons. Among them are air-to-surface guided missiles of various families - from X-31 to X-59. Air-to-air short, medium and long range. corrected aviation bombs of caliber 250, 500 and 1500 kg. The maximum load of the fighter is 10 tons.