AI YouTube will start splitting videos into subtopics

Platform engineers explained that chapters in YouTube videos will help users quickly navigate

content of the material.Currently, authors are adding them themselves, but soon a special AI-based tool may help them. 9to5Google notes that YouTube is testing automatic, algorithm-generated video chapters that the model creates based on text.

The Internet giant is currently experimenting with automatic chapters for a “small sample of videos,” and invites creators to abandon the feature, offering to write reviews on it.

They want to block YouTube, Twitter and Facebook services for discrimination against Russians

The authors note that AI does not understand less coarsetransitions in the video. However, so far the technology's efficiency is around 70%, it will help authors and producers who do not want to waste time adding tags manually. Viewers will not have to look for the beginning of a video that follows after two minutes of intro.

Earlier, State Duma deputies introduced a billaccording to which it will be possible to impose sanctions against foreign social networks and IT resources in the event that they discriminate against Russians. Among them is the YouTube service, it will be possible to cancel the measures only if the resource removes restrictions on the materials of Russian media.

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