Elon Musk refused to vaccinate himself and his children from COVID-19

As it became known, the founder of the space company SpaceX and the head of Tesla Elon Musk refused to vaccinate himself and

their children from COVID-19. He stated this in the framework of the podcast of the journalist of The New York Times, Kara Swisher.

The billionaire said that even when the vaccinewill become available, he and his loved ones will not use it, since they are not at risk of contracting COVID-19, Fox Business reports. Musk also noted that he is not particularly worried about the detection of more than 7 million cases of coronavirus in the United States - according to the businessman, "all people die."

Recall that earlier Elon Musk has already performed withcriticism of the general quarantine regime. He even threatened to move Tesla's headquarters and manufacturing facilities from California to Texas or Nevada, regions where coronavirus hysteria is less prevalent.