Elon Musk will make Tesla more affordable

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is worried that the company's current electric vehicles are too expensive and intends

correct this situation.


On the inaccessibility of electric vehicles for a wideMusk announced to the public during the announcement of the results of the second financial quarter, which turned out to be quite successful. It is not yet known exactly how the company intends to fix this problem, but at least one solution already exists.

Possible options include lowering prices for alreadyexisting machines by making certain components cheaper, such as batteries. There is another path that Apple has taken - the creation of a "budget" model, even cheaper than Model 3. However, if this happens, it will definitely not be in the coming years - the company is already working on a new generation of Model S and Model X, the Cybeturck pickup. , a Semi truck and a remake of the Roadster. In such a rush, there is hardly time for a conceptually new car.

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Tesla is currently working on new traction batteries with an estimated price of less than $ 100 per kWh. The new product should be announced in September.

Source: thedriven

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