Innopolis, Yandex.Cloud and Tochka have launched a platform for the development of IT startups

The special economic zone Innopolis has launched a project to support IT business with the participation of partners - this is

Yandex.Cloud, Tochka Bank, MTS, Test IT, GeekBrains and Taxnet. Startups will receive services and services that will help them optimize resources for developing solutions and establish business administration or bookkeeping services. To receive special conditions, a company needs to register as a startup in a special economic zone, fill out an application and pass the selection.

For example, startups will receive grants foruse of any services of the Yandex cloud platform in the amount of RUB 200,000. Within six months, startups will be able to use any platform services, including Yandex developments in the field of machine learning and serverless computing. Tochka will provide a secure transaction service for working with prepaid customers and assistance in participating in public procurement.

The partners will also provide startups with a test management system, access to closed training materials, a service for verifying suppliers and contractors, and special discounts on their services.

These services and end-to-end support mechanismswill make Innopolis one of the best sites in Russia for technology entrepreneurs. The partners we invited to participate in the project provide the services required at the stage of company formation. It is often startups that give rise to breakthrough ideas, so we consider one of our priorities to create the necessary conditions for young companies.

Renat Halimov, General Director of the special economic zone Innopolis

Since December 2019, the Innopolis SEZ operatessimplified procedure for obtaining startup status. During this time, 52 companies passed the selection of an expert council and began work on projects. Startups are provided with an office on a preferential lease or workplaces in a coworking space (from 1,000 rubles per month). From 2020, there is a reduced tax rate of 1% for companies that pay tax on total income when applying the simplified tax system.

In the special economic zone Innopolis105 residents, 21 partners and 52 startups. These companies have created 3.6 thousand jobs. Among the residents and partners are Acronis, Yandex, Alfa-Bank, Schneider Electric, Magnit IT Lab, IT X5 Technologies, Open Mobile Platform, companies of the ICL group, Sberbank of Russia, S7 TechLab. The volume of investments exceeds 20 billion rubles.

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