The Internet in Russia may rise in price by 10-15%

Another 10% of the surveyed top managers believe that prices will rise by more than 20%. And here are more than two thirds

of those surveyed (74%) are convinced that tariffs will rise even more than the expected inflation rate.

If we talk about the reasons, then 70% say aboutrisks associated with the deterioration of the general situation in the economy amid the coronavirus pandemic. And 56% of respondents who buy equipment abroad point to the depreciation of the ruble as a reason for future price increases.

According to 30% of market participants, anotherthe reason for the increase in prices will be the requirements of domestic legislation, in particular the Yarovaya law, which requires operators to pay additional costs for storing conversations and correspondence of subscribers, as well as providing free access to sites under the Accessible Internet project.

In total, 100 companies took part in the survey - this isrepresentatives of federal-scale communications companies. 76% of them transfer data and organize the work of telephone communications, and 70% provide access to the clouds and data centers (60%).

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