Study: kids who play video games end up becoming smarter adults

Parents never tire of telling their kids that video games are a waste of time, but researchers at the Open

University of Catalonia found confirmation to the opposite.

What did you find out

A new study has proven that children under 14 years old,who spent more than two hours a week playing video games improved their memory, spatial reasoning, and reactions. In addition, it turned out that these improvements have a long-term effect and persist even after growing up, no matter how much the person continues to play.

Scientists found this out by bringing together two groups of adults: some spent their entire childhood playing video games, while others saw the gamepad only in pictures. The researchers first assessed their cognitive abilities, and then forced all participants to play Super Mario 64 for an hour and a half a day for ten days. After that, the changes were measured again, and the subjects were sent to play for another two weeks.

Testing has shown that people who performedchildhood without video games, solved the assigned tasks worse than those who played often. Yet after a month with Super Mario 64, both groups began to perform similarly. It turns out that video games improve the cognitive abilities of those who have not previously played, and gamers retain the bonuses received in childhood for a long time.

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