Study: many iPhone owners believe their smartphones are 5G

Global Wireless Solutions has done an interesting research in the US related to 5G and Apple.

What did you find out

5 thousand owners became survey participantsiPhone, and the questions they were asked were about fifth-generation networks. As a result, it turned out that almost half (49%) of respondents believe that their smartphones support 5G.

In fact, Apple does not have one yetsmartphone with support for fifth generation networks. The first should be the models of the iPhone 12 line, but they have not even been presented yet - the official presentation is scheduled for October 13.

In addition, 29% of users do not knowwhether or not their smartphones support 5G, and 24% are unsure. Also, 38% do not know at all whether the operator in their region offers access to this technology.

The study found that 54%users are attracted to 5G by higher data rates, about 16% expect 5G to improve the quality of high-definition video, 13 expect to improve the quality of video streaming, and only 8% associate 5G networks with games.

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