Researchers have developed clean energy from graphene for the first time

Experiment scientists have shown, under the influence of perpetual chaotic thermal motion inside graphene alone

the fixed plate of this substance, one carbon atom thick, slowly vibrates and bends.

“Energy-saving scheme based on graphene,can be embedded in a chip to provide clean, limitless, low-voltage power for small devices or sensors, ”said Paul Tibado, a physics professor who participated in the experiment.

To vibrate graphene and the resultingSince the alternating current was converted to direct current, physicists from Arkansas proposed a circuit with two diodes. This experiment proved that the circuit generates additional power at the load. According to the researchers, based on their methodology, one can create "a million different schemes."

Earlier, the idea of ​​harvesting energy from graphene wascontroversial because it refutes the famous assertion of physicist Richard Feynman that the thermal motion of atoms, known as Brownian motion, cannot produce energy. However, the team found that at room temperature, the thermal motion of graphene actually causes an alternating current in the circuit.

“We redirected the current in the circuit and turned it intosomething useful. The next goal of the team is to determine if a constant current can be stored in a capacitor for later use. This goal requires miniaturizing the circuit and applying it to a silicon wafer or die. If millions of these tiny circuits could be built on a 1-by-1 millimeter microcircuit, they could serve as a replacement for a low-power battery, ”the scientists noted.

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