Researchers have learned how to print bones in the human body

Researchers in Australia have presented a method in which a new type of hybrid material can allow

print bone substitutes directly insidethe patient's body. They are confident that their approach could be crucial towards modern bone replacement methods. This process includes the ability to print bone using living cells and without the use of harsh chemicals.

Scientists have explained that now the best and mostA proven method of bone replacement is the autologous graft, in which a portion of the patient's own bone is taken from another part of the body and transplanted to the site where the graft is required. However, this method results in a high rejection rate.

“This is really the first example of integrationceramic materials that emulate many aspects of bone with living cells. This opens up possibilities for printing the patient's bones directly in his body, ”the researchers note.

Scientists explain the advantage of this technique to thosethat during the operation, you can take pictures of the desired bone, and then place it in a 3D printer, and print it inside the body. This will create a natural bone that will not be torn away.

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