Source: Huawei will not release the Mate X2 foldable smartphone this year due to US sanctions

We have already written more than once that Huawei is working on a new generation of the folding smartphone Mate X, but unfortunately, wait

the novelty is definitely not worth it in the near future.

What is known

According to the founder of Display SupplyRoss Young's Chain Consultants, Huawei was set to reveal the Mate X2 later this year, but the announcement of the device was delayed until 2021. Naturally, the US sanctions are to blame. Because of them, the Chinese manufacturer lost the supply of many components. For example, Samsung AMOLED panels. According to rumors, they were supposed to be used in a new folding device. In addition, since September 15, Huawei will end cooperation with TSMC, which previously was engaged in the creation of all proprietary processors of the company. By the way, due to the sanctions, Huawei has postponed global sales of the flagship line of smartphones Huawei Mate 40, although the announcement of new products will take place on schedule.

Recall, according to leaks, Huawei Mate X2is codenamed Teton. The device is credited with a plastic screen (CPI) instead of ultra-thin glass (UTG) and looks like the Galaxy Z Fold 2. That is, unlike the Mate X and Mate Xs, the novelty will have two displays: the main one and an additional one on the outside.

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