What color iPhone SE to choose? Silver, Gold, Space Gray or Rose Gold

This week Apple introduced the iPhone SE - a model designed for people who want a powerful phone with

small screen. iPhone SE is available in three colors, the same as the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus - silver, gold, space gray and pink gold. What color should you choose? Read tips to help you decide what color to buy iPhone.


Since the advent of the gold iPhone,people are divided into those who hate and those who love him. Regardless of how you feel about this color, you must admit that Apple has made an exclusive color scheme.
Apple's gold color is attractive andthe shades are closer to the color of champagne, and not just bright yellow colors. The gold color of the rear panel is emphasized by the white front panel and the white trim on the rear panel. The white color of the phone with gold accents hides scratches better than the black version, on which, on the contrary, traces of everyday use are clearly visible. Despite the fact that white color more effectively hides scratches, dirt and dust are better visible on it. It is important to remember if you spend most of the time outdoors and are concerned about the external state of the phone. If you still chose the “golden” model, you can clean the phone without scratches using a special brush with a soft pile.



“Rose Gold”

Starting with the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple has introduced andapplied this new delicate shade of gold to the Apple Watch and the entire iPhone line. In combination with a white front panel and white trim on the rear case, the color “golden rose” is incredibly feminine and stylish, attracting attention. But remember, as in a white phone, on this model the dirt that has eaten into the case is more prominent than on dark-colored cases, for example Space Gray. The phone’s pink color is beautiful, it’s a pity to mess it up, so you can buy a colorless case that protects the phone and does not hide its color.


Silver color is one of the main products iniPhone line, although it was originally presented as white, when users were first able to choose the color of the phone when buying. Like “gold” and “pink gold”, the silver iPhone has a white front panel and a finish on the back. The silver back case is made of anodized aluminum, which is lighter than the shade of the Space Gray model. Thanks to the white front panel on the surface of the phone, probably, no scratches will be visible, but the color will emphasize the contamination of the case.



Space Gray

Space Gray iPhone combines gray casing fromanodized aluminum and full black bezel. This combination of colors is suitable for any case. The dark color not only looks spectacular, but also hides the pollution of the case, although the scratches on it are even more visible than on a white iPhone. Users note that, against the background of the dark borders of the iPhone, the Space Gray films look fantastic.

What color will you choose?

The choice of color is subjective, so the perfect oneoption that you like. If you have time, go to the Apple Store website to see what colors are available and choose the one that suits you best. Have you decided to buy an iPhone SE? What color? We are waiting for your comments.