How to block contacts on a Mac

You can easily block incoming calls and messages from specific contacts on iPhone. But what if you

send messages via Mac and want to block a contact on your computer?

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On a Mac, you can also block specific contacts that will automatically be blocked on your other devices as well. Below we describe how this is done.

Call blockingFacetime onMac

New number

Blocking numbers that are not stored in your contacts is a bit difficult, but still fast.


2)Click on the iconInformationto the right of the number.

3)Click the buttonCreate. First you need to save the contact.

four)Hold down the keyControland select the created contact from the list.

five)SelectBlock subscriber

Existing contact

Blocking an existing contact is much easier, and there are two ways to do this.


2)Pinch the key Controland select the desired contact from the list.

3)SelectBlock this Caller.


one)OpenFacetime, on the menu bar, selectFacetime&gt;Settings.

2)Select a tabLock. Here you can see a list of your blocked contacts.

3)Click the icona plusat the bottom of the list.

four)Find and select the contact you want to block.

The contact will be added to the blocked list. To remove it, highlight the number and click the minus icon.

Blocking messages onMac

New number


2)On the menu bar, clickFriends&gt;Create a new contact.

3)Enter details and clickIs done.

four)Now on the menu bar clickMessages&gt;Settings &gt; iMessage.

five)Select a tabLock.

6)Click the icona plusat the bottom.

7)Find and select the desired contact.

Existing contact

This is very easy: just repeat steps 4 - 7 from the previous paragraph to block the existing number.

As with FaceTime, you can delete contacts from the blocked list using the minus icon.

Block contacts on the iPhone is much more convenient, but now you know how to do it on a Mac.