How to quickly and easily process photos on Mac using Movavi photo editor

Hello! Today I plan to thoroughly test the Movavi Photo Editor 5, and I invite everyone

interested to join. For starters, read more about how to edit photos on the developers website.

We begin our testing and run the Movavi program. By subscribing to the newsletter (or abandoning it, you’ll want to), we get to the screen with a small greeting.


Of course, the licensed version on the background of freeIt looks more profitable - for example, the company’s watermark is not saved in the photographs, however, a trial version is suitable for starters, because I would like to first fully explore all the options of the photo editor.



The program immediately suggested that I go through a shortuser course, which consists of 8 steps. Passing is not mandatory, but it is free - why not familiarize yourself. Each step extremely simply illustrates various custom photo editing options:

Hooray! The training is completed, you can go on a “serious voyage”.

Having decided to use the standard image of mountains for training, I carefully study the toolbar, simultaneously recalling the training just completed. First, try auto-enhancement:

The main useful settings are conveniently located on the panel on the right side of the screen:

Do you want to compare the intermediate result with the original? As it was said in the training, click "Before / After":

Press the “Before / After” button again to return to image editing.

Separately, I want to note the configuration "Balancewhite ”- for color correction, you need to select a rectangular area of ​​any size. It seems that the developers have tried to qualitatively introduce this function into the program.

We conclude with the section “Improving the photo” and go to get acquainted with the “Effects” :.

Strongly liked effects can be added to favorites by marking with a special heart symbol. For example, I liked Sisley, and which of the effects in Movavi Photo Editor 5 do you like most?

Pleasantly struck by the ability to delete objects. We’ll test the function on a darkened cloud located in the upper left corner of our image.



Here is the original processing of standardI liked the pictures. It remains only to crop the image, fitting it to the format of my iPhone, and add a stylish inscription - the “Crop” and “Text” sections come to the rescue, respectively:

The ability to eliminate noise is also present in the photo editor. This is not useful for editing mountains today, but the option is very good.

To brighten up the user's longing during processing, the program displays interesting facts on the screen. Rate the creative of developers, I liked:

Final comparison:

Pleased with the result, I hope that the preservation of work will be successful.

Finally, if you wish, you can easily publish the image on the social network Facebook.

So, today we met with the mainthe possibilities of processing photos using the Movavi Photo Editor 5. In summary, I want to express a very pleasant impression of working with the program. The interface is pleasing to the eye and intuitive (although I still advise you to go through the eight-step training mentioned above before using it), image processing is simple and quick.

White Balance, Noise Reduction, andthe variety of settings takes Movavi to a decent level, making it an excellent tool for editing a wide variety of photos. I put a solid "five" on my own.



One of the main advantages of the Movavi Photo photo editorEditor 5, in my opinion, is that it allows you to solve simple problems in a simple way, without resorting to complex and complicated algorithms. This significantly saves the time spent on editing images. Personally, I relate to users who sometimes need to remove an unnecessary object from the image or change the brightness favorably, but I want to do this easily and quickly, without loading the brain with tons of complex information. Movavi Photo Editor 5 copes with this task with great success, so on my own behalf I recommend everyone to try this simple, but at the same time rich program with really useful options.

What are your impressions after using the Movavi photo editor? I look forward to your feedback and comments.