How to take screenshots of Instagram stories without sending notifications

Instagram is testing a new feature that notifies users that someone took a screenshot of their story.

Snapchat has been using this feature for a long time, and is aimed at improving user privacy.

The company also notifies users who take screenshots. At the same time, a message appears: "The next time you take a screenshot, the user will be notified about this." Everything is clear and clear.



However, for those who want to continue to take screenshots anonymously, there are several options. Below we will talk about them.

Use airplane mode

The first way is to download the story, and then quickly turn on airplane mode, take a screenshot, and turn airplane mode off.



This worked when such a feature first appeared on Snapchat. So far, the method works with Instagram, but perhaps in the future such a bypass will be limited.

Use the web version

You may not have known, but Instagram can also be opened through a browser on a computer or directly on an iPhone. In the web version you can take screenshots of stories, and users will not be notified about this.

Go to, log in to your account, open the desired story and take a screenshot. No one will know about it.

Use a third-party application

The App Store already has many applications that allow you to bypass sending notifications, as well as view stories anonymously and even save them to your device. One of them is Story Reposter.

Download the application, find the user you are interested in, open the desired story and save it on your iPhone.

Use jailbreak tweak

If you have jailbreak installed, you can use the “Rocket for Instagram” tweak, which, among other things, allows you to anonymously view and save stories with the click of a button.

There are other similar tweaks, for example, Instagram ++. The only caveat is that a jailbreak is required.