How to Bookmark Tabs on Safari on Mac

If you often visit the same sites, bookmark them. So you will not lose the desired resource and always

You can quickly go to him.

This article describes how to save open Safari tabs as bookmarks on a Mac.



How to save Safari tabs as bookmarks on Mac

1) Click “Bookmarks” in the top menu bar.

2) Select “Add bookmarks for these tabs (number)”.

3) Select a bookmark location and rename the folder if necessary.
4) Click “Add”.

How to open saved Safari bookmarks

There are two ways to open saved tabs:

  1. Click View> Show Bookmarks Sidebar or Bookmarks> Show bookmarks in menu bar.
  2. Find the folder with the desired tab and right-click.
  3. From the pop-up menu, select Open in a new window (or tab).

You can also open saved tabs in the Favorites menu bar if you save the tab to this folder.

1) If the Favorites row is hidden, click View> Show Favorites row.

2) The saved tabbed folder should appear in the Favorites line.

Earlier, we also wrote how to save all tabs opened in Safari in one list, if bookmarks are not enough for you.