How to add links to posts on Instagram? Long awaited update

One of the most obvious and noticeable restrictions on the Instagram social network is the inability to add

links in signatures under their publications. Most users have found a way out, they get around this limitation by leaving a signature like "Profile link". And they just post the link in their profile section.

Of course, this is not efficient at all, becauseother users will have to spend extra time to open the profile and find the link, not to mention the fact that you yourself will have to constantly update the profile section to add the links you want each time.

Add link to Instagram

This limitation has obvious advantages,such as keeping Instagram posts with clearer captions and user retention on the platform, but it's also likely an attempt to nudge businesses into using paid Instagram ads.

However, the above limitation maybe subject to change. According to a patent filed by Instagram owner Facebook on September 8, Instagram may be considering finally allowing its users to post links in post signatures. What's the catch? Obviously, every time we want to post a photo with a caption containing a link, we will have to pay a commission. In the example given in the patent, the fee is $ 2 per post.

Whether this price is worth it or not, to decidemost users, but at least having this ability would be better than having nothing at all. Right now, even verified users and those with a lot of followers can only attach links to their Instagram Stories. Other users cannot even do this and often rely solely on the previously mentioned "Profile Link" scheme. If Facebook decides to roll out this paid feature on Instagram anytime soon, it will likely change the way businesses operate on the app. But the timing of the implementation of the new function has not yet been announced.

Earlier this month, we also learned thatInstagram is testing three new layouts with Reels and Shopping tabs, indicating that parent company Facebook is serious about making some changes to the photo-centric social network.

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